One of the Five Steps to Start and Grow a Successful Business

There are many factors that make a business succeed or fail. Starting a business comes with a lot of risk, 90% of businesses fail within the first 3 years of their existence. This means that 9 out of 10 ideas will not exist no matter how much time and energy was invested in preparation to launch the idea. 

There are 5 steps that are essential to ensure that your business will survive and thrive. I will discuss one of them here in this blog post and I will talk about all the five steps on my upcoming webinar on Sunday, August 6th at 11 am GMT (3 pm GST). Make sure to register for the webinar and I will take you through the 5 essential steps to start and grow a successful business.

The first step is to ensure that you have a detailed and well thought out plan before starting out as well as on a yearly basis. Here are a few suggestions for you to use when working on the planning:

1- Business Model Canvas

This is one of my favorite tools as it is simple and easy to use. You can make changes on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. 

The BMC is a 9 module table, illustrated in one page in which you can use to think about all the various parts of your business. The 9 modules include: Customer Segment, Value Proposition, Key Recourses and others. I will explain the BMC in more detail during the webinar and you can have a glimpse of the concept on this website
This is a tool you can share with your team and get their opinions on each of the sections as well.  

2 – Business Plan

This is more of a traditional way of working on your planning. The Business Plan can be 2 pages or 40 pages depending on how complicated your concept is and how much research you have already done. In the early years of my business, I made the mistake of hiring an agency to write my Business Plan for me,and although I received a 30 pages detailed plan, it was not my own words, and my ideas so I never ended up using it.

Although no one follows the Business Plan 100% as the market is changing constantly, we learn from our customers and pivot along the way, it’s the thought process that matters, and creating a business plan brings with it a clarity that no one but you can do. 
There are many business plan templates available on Google. You can just search for “Business Plan Template” and use the one that you like the most. The majority of Business Plans have the following sections in common: 

1) Cover page 
2) Table of content 
3) Executive summary
4) Business description
5) The marketing plan 
6) Competitive analysis
7) Company and management summary 
8) Financial factors
9) Supporting documents and appendices

A business plan is used usually for long-term plans and goals of the company. It basically illustrates the overall strategy and the route that company is on. It’s also used for external purposes specially when you are looking for investors. 

3 – Strategic Planning 

Strategic planning is another great way to ensure that the company reaches its overall goals and objectives. Strategic Planning is an internal process and unlike Business Plan, you don’t need to share it with external parties. 
Most companies do their strategic planning a minimum of 3 months prior to their budgeting year. For instance, if your budgeting starts in January, you need to do the strategic planning in September or October. It’s recommended to dedicate one or two days for the process, somewhere outside of the office space. Some companies take their employees on a retreat, somewhere in nature where creativity is more easily triggered.  
The Strategic Planning Components usually consist of the following:

1) Mission
2) Vision 
3) Goals and Objectives 
4) Strategies 
5) Tactics and Tasks 

All of the above 3 tools are needed for your business and each of them serve a different purpose. There is a saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. I will talk about the all 5 steps to start and grow your business in my webinar, make sure to reserve your seat and join me on August 6th. Your business survival may depend on these 5 steps.

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5 Ways to Feed and Grow Your Mind

Our Mind and Mental Energy is one of our main resources to grow. It is essential to feed the mind with new and useful information on a daily basis. Your future is shaped based on what you feed your mind today. Here is the list of 5 things you can do to feed and grow your mind. Some of them can be done instantly and I encourage you to pick at least one and do it TODAY. 

1. Books – Read books or Listen to Audio Books

Books are the easiest and most cost effective way to grow your mind. We have this strong delusion that we don’t have time to read books and yet we all spend a lot more than 20 minutes per day doing things that don’t matter in our growth, such as exploring social media. 

Pick a book and commit yourself to finish at least one book per month. Dedicate 10 minutes to read a couple of pages and expand that to 20 minutes. Decide the time and the place that you’ll read and make it happen! 

I also encourage you to download the “Audible” app from Amazon on your phone and start listening to audio books. I personally “read” Business Books or those that require note taking and I “listen” to autobiographies, books about our behavior and psychology, etc. I also sometimes listen to an audio book and I buy/read the printed version if I am extremely interested in the subject. The other way round works too when I read a book and then listen to the audio version to master the learnings! 
No matter what you do, make sure to read/listen to books every single day until it becomes a habit. 

I have created a downloadable list for you with suggested links and examples for each of the 5 ways to Feed and Grow Your Mind including some books that I recommend you to read. Make sure to download it and start watching and exploring! 

2. Podcasts 

Podcasts are your radio on-demand! You can select your favorite program and listen to the episodes whenever you want! I mainly use Podcasts to listen to new business ideas and learn from digital and business gurus. You can find any topic that you can think of! I have to admit that I am a new fan of Podcasts as I always listen to my audio books whenever I get time. But sometimes I want to learn about a Specific Topic or I want to get inspired quick with new ideas, and that’s when I go to my Podcast! I also have a list of some Podcasts that I recommend you to check out in your gift. 

3. Inspirational Resources – Videos and Magazines

We are very lucky to live in an era where knowledge is at our fingertips. You can get inspired or learn about ANY topic by googling it or find the relevant video on Youtube. I love TED talks and I always find them very inspirational. I also follow interviews such as Marie-Forleo weekly videos. I have 3 inspirational videos for you in your gift as an example, make sure to download it now.  

3. Courses and Workshops – Attend in-person or Online 

I believe that higher learning is essential for our growth. I also know a lot of people whose education and learning stops as soon as they graduate from university! I have learned a great deal from short courses which are focused on a specific topic. At this specific moment, I am enrolled in 6 different online courses from Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Leadership and others. They all help me to step-up my game and offer unique content to my audience. I have also attended workshops by Tony Robbins or NLP and they helped me to realise the power of the mind. Whether you attend a workshop or enroll in online courses, don’t let education and growth stop when you graduate from university. Be proactive and invest in yourself and your growth. Don’t worry too much about the Degree, focus on the Learning, which course or workshop gives you the knowledge you need today? 

5. Circle of Genius 

There is a saying that we are the average of 5 people that we spend the most of our time with. Who is in your circle of genius? Are you inspired by the conversations that happen in the groups that you spend the most of your time with? If not, create or join another group that keeps you inspired and motivated. There is another saying that if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room! Make sure to be a part of groups who are more advanced than you in certain areas and where you can all help and support each other to grow. 
I have created a downloadable list for you with suggested links and examples for each of the 5 ways to Feed and Grow Your Mind. Make sure to download it and start watching and exploring!  

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Prioritize Your Life in One Simple Step

We all wear different hats in life and each of them comes with a set of responsibilities. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, stressed and unaccomplished in our lives, and one of the reasons for this could be because our priorities are not aligned. 

Let me ask you a question, do you know your main “Roles” in life at this specific point and the responsibilities that come with each role? Sometimes we take on too many responsibilities because we are not clear about the main roles that we are playing and we take those roles lightly. Or we might feel inadequate and not enough because we feel that everyone else is doing a lot more in their lives! Again, we are not clear about our own roles and priorities and we start comparing our life with people who have a completely different set of circumstances. Motherhood is one of those roles that we take for granted and we don’t have a clear list of responsibilities that come with parenting.  

The first step to prioritize your life is to Identify Your Roles at any given point in your life. You don’t need to have all of your ideal roles together in the same time frame. You don’t need to be an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, President, Board Member and Philanthropist all in the same year. We sometimes underestimate what we can achieve in a long timeframe and we overestimate what we can do in the short run.
I have created a downloadable worksheet for you, which goes into more details and includes a list of roles to choose from. You can then create your own list of Roles and Responsibilities. I recommend that you print the last page and keep it somewhere to see every day.  

All of our roles are important to us. We need to prioritize them based on our current circumstances and our present moment. Each role can become more important at any given point in our lives. When your kids reach the age of 30, the roles and responsibilities as a “Parent” become less dominant as when they are 2 years old. And your role as a “Daughter/Son” might become stronger over time.

We feel overwhelmed or under accomplished in life because we haven’t identified our current roles and future roles and we feel we are running out of time to do everything that we wanted from our life. 

The first step is to identify all of your roles and the responsibilities for each role. No matter what roles you have in life, everyone should pick the first role: “Inner-Self”. That’s a role you have towards yourself and “Your” life. Your are the center of all the other roles and it’s essential to acknowledge yourself and take care of your own needs and desires. The efficiency of all the other roles depends on this role. What are your responsibilities towards yourself? Your Health? Your Happiness? Your Desires? 
The other roles in life include Mother/Father, Wife/Husband, Entrepreneur, Employee, Aunt/Uncle and more which is listed in your worksheet. 

After listing all the responsibilities, you sometimes realize that you don’t need to add any other role until you complete some of your current roles. You don’t need to become an author in the same year that you are launching your business. You can sometimes spend less time socializing and focus on the volunteer job that you always wanted to do. 

Don’t take your roles for granted, and do not feel that you need to give up some of your dream roles such as becoming an Entrepreneur, Author, President, Minister, … when your life gets busy with other roles. You can work on them in a near future when you master the tasks that are involved with your current roles. I promise to write another blog post about delegating tasks and focusing on your “genius area” only to achieve more in your day and life. 

For now, don’t forget to download your gift and start implementing the exercises that I have created for you. 

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Ask Better Questions to Get Better Results

Are you aware of the questions that you ask yourself? Are they empowering or disempowering? Are they motivating you or bring you down? You might not know the answer right now, so I want you to be aware of the questions you ask yourself because they are the foundation of the result you get in life. If you are not happy with the results, you need to ask better questions.

 “The Quality of Your Life is a Direct Reflection of the Quality of the Questions You are Asking Yourself.”

 -Tony Robbins 

 Let’s dig deeper … what do you think is more important than any strategy in life. The questions that you ask yourself come in a form of a self-talk and most of the time, we ask them unconsciously, meaning that we don’t even realize that they exist. And yet, they directly affect the results we get in life. 

So are the questions that you ask yourself anything similar to these? 

– Why don’t I ever get it right?
– How come these things always happen to me?
– Why can’t I ever finish something that I start?
– Why am I so clumsy? 
– Why can’t I focus? 
– Why can’t I lose weight? 
– Why am I such a failure?  

If the questions you ask yourself, are anything similar to the questions above, don’t expect extraordinary results. 

This is how it works: our mind is like a computer and it will always look to find answers to the questions we ask. Our mind does not like open loops and will do its best to find answers to our questions. 

When you ask yourself, “Why am I a failure?” Your mind will look for answers for your. Your mind wants to serve you, wants to make you happy and it will find perfect answers for your questions, something along the lines of: “Yes, you are a failure… because your business did not succeed… you suck at parenting, you are a horrible wife and you have zero friends!” Boom… Here is your answer your majesty! What’s the next question!? 
Your mind will look for answers to prove you right and it will act in a way to match the results to those answers. 

“Why am I a failure?” That’s a low value and disempowering question. Let’s flip it and ask a more empowering question, something like: “How can I become more successful in life?” Now your mind will come up with completely different answers: “You can become more successful by investing in yourself and educating yourself and your business. You can become more successful by spending uninterrupted quality time with your children. You can become more successful by surrounding yourself with powerful and inspirational people.”

Aren’t these answers more empowering? Don’t they feel like they are putting you on the right track and have positive effect on your life by suggesting positive actions? They certainly improve the quality of your life.

I have created a gift for you, which includes 20 Empowering questions that you can ask yourself in different areas of your life along with a template to start tracking the questions you ask yourself. Make sure to download it here and become aware of your inner conversations. 

“Successful People Ask Better Questions and as a Result, They Get Better Answers”  

-Tony Robbins 

 Let’s try another question. When you ask yourself, “Why am I fat?” Your mind will do its best to come up with answers to prove you right. Remember that your mind does not know the difference between negative and positive at this point and its only job is to make you happy and to prove you right! The answers will be something like: “Well, it’s in your genes, everyone in your family is fat! Or, your body type is like this, you gain weight even when you drink water!” 

What if you ask yourself “How can I become healthier?” instead? The answer will be “Exercise every day, eat healthier, don’t eat after 7:30 pm, etc.” 

And the last example, when you ask yourself “Why do I get angry so quickly?” your obedient mind will look for answers such as “Well, look at your life! Who wouldn’t get angry in such chaos!” or “You get angry because of your non-understanding husband, naughty kids, demanding boss, etc.”

Let’s now replace that question with, “How can I become more patient?” Oh boy, you’ll get whole different lot of answers with this question! You are tackling the solution this time instead of highlighting the problem. Your mind will come up with answers such as: Meditation, Pause 10 seconds before answering, etc. 

I think you get the point, and this applies to every single question that we ask ourselves. As the first step, I want you to become aware of the questions that you ask yourself. The very simple principle of “Garbage in, Garbage Out” applies perfectly here! Quality questions create a Quality Life. 

Believe me that your life will change dramatically when you start asking yourself high quality and empowering questions. Your mind will find the answers for you. You will become more resourceful and things will start happening for you. The universe is here to find the best possible option for you, be very careful of what you ask and the demand that you are putting out there. 

Start asking better questions from today and watch the answers unfold in front of you. Don’t forget to download your gift and start asking the questions that I put for you.

Your Energy Determines Your Outcome

Today I want to talk to you about one of my most favorite topics: Energy. We are all very aware of our time during the day. There is a clock in almost every single room, we all wear a watch and the first thing you see on your phone is always the Time. What if I tell you that your Energy is more important than Time, that your performance and productivity during the day, always depends 100% on your level of energy. How often do we really check our energy level during the day? I believe that we need to constantly check our energy, exactly the same way we track our time.
 You might ask “Why”? What’s a big deal about energy? There is a saying that the person with the highest energy always wins. I also absolutely love this quote by Albert Einstein: 

As precious as our Energy is, we waste it easily. We don’t invest in our energy consciously and we don’t really monitor it during the day.
So I am going to make it a little easier for you now. Are you ready? As an awesome reader of this blog post, you are granted 48 blocks of energy! Tada! Imagine that you have two blocks of energy per hour and you can either fill it up with more energy or waste it depending on “Your” choices. I am not talking about the external factors; I am talking about Your Own choices every 30 minutes of your life. Did you get into an argument that you knew wouldn’t have a positive outcome? Well, you just lost your precious energy. Did you exercise today? Congratulation, you gained more energy … isn’t this simple?  

I am even taking this idea further and I have created a free gift to help you manage your energy, make sure to download here and start monitoring your energy level each day.

Let me ask you a question, when you get stuck in traffic and you get frustrated or angry, is there anything positive that comes from those emotions except the fact that you have lost your precious energy blocks that I just granted you. The traffic will be there and that’s totally out of your control. But what if you start listening to your favorite show on podcast or your favorite book on Audible, you are actually investing more in your energy. Same scenario, different choices, totally different outcomes. Which one would you choose next time?
You don’t need to win every battle and argument. You don’t need to seek anyone’s approval or waste energy to impress them. This is your energy and you are responsible to bring the best energy to this world.
I have even listed 10 energy boosters and 10 energy wasters in your free gift, make sure to download it and be mindful of your actions from now. Your job is to protect your precious energy bars! 

Your energy determines your outcome in life. When you waste your energy on small things that don’t matter, you cannot create extraordinary outcomes. The same task that might take 2 hours to complete, might take you 30 minutes when you are at a higher level of energy. Your time with your kids, spouse, parents, employee, employers and friends will be different and they will enjoy your company more. Your business will flourish when you work on it with the right level of energy.

I am here to confidently tell you that your energy is more important than your time. Take care of it, be mindful of the energy you bring to this life and watch your reality transform in a positive way by investing in your energy …  I was live on Facebook last Thursday, July 6th  to talk more about the topic here is the link to the video

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