The highlights of 2017 and what I learned from them

The highlights of 2017 and what I learned from…

We have a week to the end of 2017, what a wonderful year it was, full of learnings and experiences, ups and downs and full of growth. I was reflecting on the last 355 days and decided to share my top learnings with you. Let me tell you something, I am grateful for many things in my life and having You in my life is on the top of the list. Being able to talk to you on a weekly basis and share my thoughts with you is a gift that I don’t take for granted. So before I even start, I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my journey and being the reason that I do what I do…

Now let me share some of my top learnings of 2017 with you, these are a combination of business and life lessons:

1) The importance of scalability: I became an entrepreneur 8 years ago and I have gone through a lot since I started my first venture. I always heard about the importance of scalability and I made it my mission to learn everything Digital this year. One of the best ways to scale your business is to go digital. Look at the market that you are targeting and the size of it, make sure that those numbers can grow easily when you add more resources.  

2) The power of support: Individualism and independence have become some of the top values in our society. We even encourage our kids to be more independent. And it’s important to not do it excessively. We moved to the same compound as my in-laws this year and I would have never imagined the importance of having family close by. I also created a mastermind group this year and seeing 5 other amazing ladies on a monthly basis, inspired me and encouraged me to do more and give more. 

3) Focus is the key: We are living in an era of distraction, and one of the main criteria that separates productive people from others is the ability to focus on one task at a time and prioritize important task over time wasters. This might sound common sense and I had to install apps such as “Moment” on my mobile to become aware of the number of hours I spend on my mobile and adjust my routine and calendar consciously.

 4) Emotions, emotions, emotions: Oh boy, emotions deserve a separate article, all to themselves. I learned that our emotions have the power to distract us from our goals or they can make us even more determined to achieve them. Embracing our emotions and feeling them is something that I’ve started practicing recently. We live in a society where showing our emotions is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness. I learned to embrace emotions such as empathy, patience, vulnerability and love.  

5) Community: Adding value to our members has been always on the top of our goals. This year I became more involved personally through my Facebook live and weekly articles and I was amazed by the feedback that I received from all of you. I strongly believe that all of the opportunities come with a responsibility. I learned that there is something magical in giving back, without expecting anything. It’s our responsibility to support our community. 

6) Everything happens for a reason: I became more faithful this year. I learned to trust and let go of that which is not in my power. Is there any truth to any of it? I don’t know, because I can’t see beyond our physical world, but it gives me peace and it creates a space where I feel I can encounter anything in life. 

7) Crisis brings us together: Have you watched the movie “Inside Out”? The part that I loved the most was when Happiness realized that Sadness is not just a trouble maker who ruins everything, but actually brings people together. I’ve also realized the power of the people around us and their support when things go off track.  

8) There is nothing more powerful than love: We are all busy every day, doing our best to achieve our goals, meet our deadlines and build our empires, whatever that means to each of us. And at the end of the day, nothing matters more than love and inner fulfillment. Does what you do make you happy? Does it bring more love to your life? If the answer is no, then I suggest to take a step back and ensure that you are climbing the right mountain.  

9) Home is where the heart is: I was interviewed for a documentary which will come out soon and I was asked where is home? … The first answer was where my heart is, and where my loved ones are. Does it really matter where we live in this world as long as we are surrounded by people who care about each other?  

10) You Can Have it All: I truly believe that we can have it all. So much so, that this is the name of the full day training that we have for corporates and for individuals. I also believe that although we can have it all, we can’t Do it all. It’s important to delegate, automate and eliminate tasks which can be done by someone else. 

These are some simple life lessons that I learned in 2017. I did my best to keep the balance between Being and Doing this year. I realized that success means different things to each of us, I don’t have to necessarily achieve what society defines for me, I just have to practice small steps towards a life of higher quality, inline with my values of family, wellbeing, growth and impact. 

Hope you had an amazing year, I’d love to learn more about your life lessons. Feel free to comment and let me know your learnings this year. 

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