Ask Better Questions to Get Better Results

Are you aware of the questions that you ask yourself? Are they empowering or disempowering? Are they motivating you or bring you down? You might not know the answer right now, so I want you to be aware of the questions you ask yourself because they are the foundation of the result you get in life. If you are not happy with the results, you need to ask better questions.

 “The Quality of Your Life is a Direct Reflection of the Quality of the Questions You are Asking Yourself.”

 -Tony Robbins 

 Let’s dig deeper … what do you think is more important than any strategy in life. The questions that you ask yourself come in a form of a self-talk and most of the time, we ask them unconsciously, meaning that we don’t even realize that they exist. And yet, they directly affect the results we get in life. 

So are the questions that you ask yourself anything similar to these? 

– Why don’t I ever get it right?
– How come these things always happen to me?
– Why can’t I ever finish something that I start?
– Why am I so clumsy? 
– Why can’t I focus? 
– Why can’t I lose weight? 
– Why am I such a failure?  

If the questions you ask yourself, are anything similar to the questions above, don’t expect extraordinary results. 

This is how it works: our mind is like a computer and it will always look to find answers to the questions we ask. Our mind does not like open loops and will do its best to find answers to our questions. 

When you ask yourself, “Why am I a failure?” Your mind will look for answers for your. Your mind wants to serve you, wants to make you happy and it will find perfect answers for your questions, something along the lines of: “Yes, you are a failure… because your business did not succeed… you suck at parenting, you are a horrible wife and you have zero friends!” Boom… Here is your answer your majesty! What’s the next question!? 
Your mind will look for answers to prove you right and it will act in a way to match the results to those answers. 

“Why am I a failure?” That’s a low value and disempowering question. Let’s flip it and ask a more empowering question, something like: “How can I become more successful in life?” Now your mind will come up with completely different answers: “You can become more successful by investing in yourself and educating yourself and your business. You can become more successful by spending uninterrupted quality time with your children. You can become more successful by surrounding yourself with powerful and inspirational people.”

Aren’t these answers more empowering? Don’t they feel like they are putting you on the right track and have positive effect on your life by suggesting positive actions? They certainly improve the quality of your life.

I have created a gift for you, which includes 20 Empowering questions that you can ask yourself in different areas of your life along with a template to start tracking the questions you ask yourself. Make sure to download it here and become aware of your inner conversations. 

“Successful People Ask Better Questions and as a Result, They Get Better Answers”  

-Tony Robbins 

 Let’s try another question. When you ask yourself, “Why am I fat?” Your mind will do its best to come up with answers to prove you right. Remember that your mind does not know the difference between negative and positive at this point and its only job is to make you happy and to prove you right! The answers will be something like: “Well, it’s in your genes, everyone in your family is fat! Or, your body type is like this, you gain weight even when you drink water!” 

What if you ask yourself “How can I become healthier?” instead? The answer will be “Exercise every day, eat healthier, don’t eat after 7:30 pm, etc.” 

And the last example, when you ask yourself “Why do I get angry so quickly?” your obedient mind will look for answers such as “Well, look at your life! Who wouldn’t get angry in such chaos!” or “You get angry because of your non-understanding husband, naughty kids, demanding boss, etc.”

Let’s now replace that question with, “How can I become more patient?” Oh boy, you’ll get whole different lot of answers with this question! You are tackling the solution this time instead of highlighting the problem. Your mind will come up with answers such as: Meditation, Pause 10 seconds before answering, etc. 

I think you get the point, and this applies to every single question that we ask ourselves. As the first step, I want you to become aware of the questions that you ask yourself. The very simple principle of “Garbage in, Garbage Out” applies perfectly here! Quality questions create a Quality Life. 

Believe me that your life will change dramatically when you start asking yourself high quality and empowering questions. Your mind will find the answers for you. You will become more resourceful and things will start happening for you. The universe is here to find the best possible option for you, be very careful of what you ask and the demand that you are putting out there. 

Start asking better questions from today and watch the answers unfold in front of you. Don’t forget to download your gift and start asking the questions that I put for you.

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