Prioritize Your Life in One Simple Step

We all wear different hats in life and each of them comes with a set of responsibilities. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, stressed and unaccomplished in our lives, and one of the reasons for this could be because our priorities are not aligned. 

Let me ask you a question, do you know your main “Roles” in life at this specific point and the responsibilities that come with each role? Sometimes we take on too many responsibilities because we are not clear about the main roles that we are playing and we take those roles lightly. Or we might feel inadequate and not enough because we feel that everyone else is doing a lot more in their lives! Again, we are not clear about our own roles and priorities and we start comparing our life with people who have a completely different set of circumstances. Motherhood is one of those roles that we take for granted and we don’t have a clear list of responsibilities that come with parenting.  

The first step to prioritize your life is to Identify Your Roles at any given point in your life. You don’t need to have all of your ideal roles together in the same time frame. You don’t need to be an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, President, Board Member and Philanthropist all in the same year. We sometimes underestimate what we can achieve in a long timeframe and we overestimate what we can do in the short run.
I have created a downloadable worksheet for you, which goes into more details and includes a list of roles to choose from. You can then create your own list of Roles and Responsibilities. I recommend that you print the last page and keep it somewhere to see every day.  

All of our roles are important to us. We need to prioritize them based on our current circumstances and our present moment. Each role can become more important at any given point in our lives. When your kids reach the age of 30, the roles and responsibilities as a “Parent” become less dominant as when they are 2 years old. And your role as a “Daughter/Son” might become stronger over time.

We feel overwhelmed or under accomplished in life because we haven’t identified our current roles and future roles and we feel we are running out of time to do everything that we wanted from our life. 

The first step is to identify all of your roles and the responsibilities for each role. No matter what roles you have in life, everyone should pick the first role: “Inner-Self”. That’s a role you have towards yourself and “Your” life. Your are the center of all the other roles and it’s essential to acknowledge yourself and take care of your own needs and desires. The efficiency of all the other roles depends on this role. What are your responsibilities towards yourself? Your Health? Your Happiness? Your Desires? 
The other roles in life include Mother/Father, Wife/Husband, Entrepreneur, Employee, Aunt/Uncle and more which is listed in your worksheet. 

After listing all the responsibilities, you sometimes realize that you don’t need to add any other role until you complete some of your current roles. You don’t need to become an author in the same year that you are launching your business. You can sometimes spend less time socializing and focus on the volunteer job that you always wanted to do. 

Don’t take your roles for granted, and do not feel that you need to give up some of your dream roles such as becoming an Entrepreneur, Author, President, Minister, … when your life gets busy with other roles. You can work on them in a near future when you master the tasks that are involved with your current roles. I promise to write another blog post about delegating tasks and focusing on your “genius area” only to achieve more in your day and life. 

For now, don’t forget to download your gift and start implementing the exercises that I have created for you. 

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