You Can Have it All – Follow this One Step

First off, lets discuss “Have it all”. This is a topic that Im going to go into a lot deeper later, but for the sake of this blog post, I’m not necessarily talking about perfection, Im talking about being perfectly happy internally at a particular instant.

I strongly believe that we all can have it all by following one simple step. I understand that it might be difficult to believe that everyone can have it all since we have been conditioned by society to associate success with external factors. I want you to look at it from a different angle this time and follow this one step in your life every single day. 

We all have choices in life, and next time you want to choose any action, think of how it makes you “feel”. Having it all starts with taking care of your own needs and listening to your feelings. You can have it all when you do things that make you “feel” good in life. 
It’s very easy to forget about our own feelings when we become parents or when we run our own businesses and with any busy lifestyle. All of our attention goes to the people around us and we end up feeling exhausted, stressed and hopeless. and even if we receive all the money and time in the world while we are in that state, we will still waste it and won’t be able to feel great in life. 

Let me make it clear, the “Having it All” concept all depends on how you feel every single day based on Your choices. 

I am not living in lala land, I know exactly what’s happening in our world and all the challenges that we face on a daily basis. I also know that our feelings mainly depend on our reaction and not much about the situation. There is a saying that Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional. 

You can have it all when you add small things in your day that make you feel good. It is our responsibility to identify those actions and incorporate them into our schedule every single day. Remember that grand victories consist of small achievements done consistently. 

Going back to your Feelings, I want you to choose your Roles carefully in life based on your feelings. I wrote more about roles in another article that you can read here:

Let me give you an example, it was one of my goals to speak internationally and deliver my training to different countries. I spoke internationally last month for the first time, and while I was away, I realized that it doesn’t make me feel good to be away from my family every single month. Does it mean that I can’t become an international speaker? No, of course I can, and I choose to not travel more than once every quarter. It is My choice and it makes me Feel good. I want you to be clear on what is it that you want and choose those actions.

The bottom line is to choose your daily actions and roles based on your feelings on a daily basis. 

This is a topic that I’m very passionate about and I am writing a book about this concept. I know that it might sound too good to be true now, but trust me in this and take small actions today and every day that make it feel good. Remember that you always have a choice in life, choose consciously. 

I have created a free worksheet for you with 5 questions you need to ask yourself as the first step to Have it All! 

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