Your Energy Determines Your Outcome

Today I want to talk to you about one of my most favorite topics: Energy. We are all very aware of our time during the day. There is a clock in almost every single room, we all wear a watch and the first thing you see on your phone is always the Time. What if I tell you that your Energy is more important than Time, that your performance and productivity during the day, always depends 100% on your level of energy. How often do we really check our energy level during the day? I believe that we need to constantly check our energy, exactly the same way we track our time.
 You might ask “Why”? What’s a big deal about energy? There is a saying that the person with the highest energy always wins. I also absolutely love this quote by Albert Einstein: 

As precious as our Energy is, we waste it easily. We don’t invest in our energy consciously and we don’t really monitor it during the day.
So I am going to make it a little easier for you now. Are you ready? As an awesome reader of this blog post, you are granted 48 blocks of energy! Tada! Imagine that you have two blocks of energy per hour and you can either fill it up with more energy or waste it depending on “Your” choices. I am not talking about the external factors; I am talking about Your Own choices every 30 minutes of your life. Did you get into an argument that you knew wouldn’t have a positive outcome? Well, you just lost your precious energy. Did you exercise today? Congratulation, you gained more energy … isn’t this simple?  

I am even taking this idea further and I have created a free gift to help you manage your energy, make sure to download here and start monitoring your energy level each day.

Let me ask you a question, when you get stuck in traffic and you get frustrated or angry, is there anything positive that comes from those emotions except the fact that you have lost your precious energy blocks that I just granted you. The traffic will be there and that’s totally out of your control. But what if you start listening to your favorite show on podcast or your favorite book on Audible, you are actually investing more in your energy. Same scenario, different choices, totally different outcomes. Which one would you choose next time?
You don’t need to win every battle and argument. You don’t need to seek anyone’s approval or waste energy to impress them. This is your energy and you are responsible to bring the best energy to this world.
I have even listed 10 energy boosters and 10 energy wasters in your free gift, make sure to download it and be mindful of your actions from now. Your job is to protect your precious energy bars! 

Your energy determines your outcome in life. When you waste your energy on small things that don’t matter, you cannot create extraordinary outcomes. The same task that might take 2 hours to complete, might take you 30 minutes when you are at a higher level of energy. Your time with your kids, spouse, parents, employee, employers and friends will be different and they will enjoy your company more. Your business will flourish when you work on it with the right level of energy.

I am here to confidently tell you that your energy is more important than your time. Take care of it, be mindful of the energy you bring to this life and watch your reality transform in a positive way by investing in your energy …  I was live on Facebook last Thursday, July 6th  to talk more about the topic here is the link to the video

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