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September 9 2017
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Don't go at it alone - Where to get support as an entrepreneur
They say that the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur is the loneliness. You have no one to share your fears with, no one to share your victories with, and in most cases, no one to ask for support when you need it most. I'm not just talking about financial support either, I'm talking about having someone who you can ask for advice, talk your plans through with or just ask a second opinion from.

Starting out as an entrepreneur a few years ago, I certainly felt all alone, and it was hard. Even my friends changed… all the people who I used to go our for dinner with after work… our schedules didn't match anymore. And I slowly realised that if I was not careful, I would wind up isolating myself.

It doesn't have to be that way. There are many different ways that you, as an entrepreneur can surround yourself with a support group. As an entrepreneur you can always surround yourself with a number of likeminded people that you can learn from and count on.

I've created a list of a few groups that I am in constant contact with, which make my life a lot easier.

I’ve come up with a list of 5 different types of communities that you can join as an entrepreneur:

Networking and educational groups
These groups are perfect whether you are just starting out, or if you are new to town, or if you are just looking to find a larger group of people to connect with. There is almost one event happening around the town every day of the week where entrepreneurs can meet up with each other.

Having a mentor is a great way to create a strong personal bond with someone who can guide you based on their experience. The relationship is a very rewarding one for both parties
Co-working Spaces
You don’t necessarily need to work from home, or the little couch in the quiet corner or a coffee shop, not when you can go to a co-working space, have all your business requirements at hand, and a number of other entrepreneurs siting next to you in a lively and comfortable environment

Angel Investors and VCs
Although one of the biggest challenges that most entrepreneurs face is funding, it is not the only one. And most of the Angel Investor networks and VC offer much more than just cash to a startup. The most important thing that they offer, in my opinion is that connection with the angels, people who in most cases are successful entrepreneurs themselves who have help guide startups.

This is by far the best and easiest thing that you can do for yourself as an entrepreneur. Choose 4-5 people that you look up to, people that represent qualities that you would like to cultivate in yourself, and just ask them to join you in a mastermind group once a month. You would be surprised how often they would agree. And in that monthly meeting, go over you challenges, your wins and the commitments you are going to make until the next meeting. Nothing keeps you on track like making a commitment to another person.

Based on those different types of communities, I've put together a list of different groups around town that you can get in touch with. 
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