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October 14th 2017
Join me on a 30 Day Fitness Challenge 
Dubai Fitness Challenge
I am very excited to invite you to join me on the Dubai Fitness Challenge starting on October 20th to November 18th. You actually don’t have to live in Dubai to join me, but if you do, then there will be loads of activities and free classes in town which you shouldn’t miss! 

Let me tell you more about the challenge and how you can make the most of it. This is an initiative by Dubai’s government to encourage the residents to commit to 30 minutes of daily activity for 30 days starting from October 20th. 

I absolutely love this initiative and I salute Dubai for that. It says a lot about a country when they care so much about the health and wellbeing of their residents. If you live in Dubai, I want you to join the challenge by registering for free here: … You can join as an individual or you can register your company and encourage your employees and colleagues to join too. There will be many many activities and free classes during these 30 days to help you reach your goal. 

I sometimes hear people saying that they don’t have time to exercise, they are too busy at work or at home. The truth is that you compromise on the quality of your life when you are not active enough. I often get my best ideas when I’m exercising. Most of us associate exercise with a physical fitness and our weight alone, but being active is beyond that. You invest in your mental and emotional strength as well by exercising. Boxing, or any martial art is a great way to release the trapped emotions inside us and let all the stress out. 

You will look better by exercising, that’s absolutely true and you will also have a stronger emotional and mental strength which will help you in the quality of everything you do during the day. 

Exercising is not just a good to do activity during the day. It’s a must and it’s just a matter of setting our priorities right and scheduling them in our calendars. 

Remember that your loved ones deserve the best version of you. Exercising makes you happier, worry less, stronger emotionally and mentally and gorgeous physically!! Don’t take it for granted and encourage the entire family specially your kids to exercise with you. 

I hope I managed to convince you to start the 30 day challenge with me. I know that many of my readers don’t live in Dubai and I still want to encourage you to join this challenge and start 30 minutes of daily activity. Here are some of the steps that will help you to stick to the plan and not give up: 

Find your Why
Before committing to any new positive habit, you need to have a strong reason behind doing it. Think about your wellbeing, your own positive state of mind, health, clear mind, strong emotions and everything else that comes with being physically active. Be a role model to your kids and teach them the importance of exercise by doing it yourself for at least 30 minutes per day. 

Don’t over-complicate it
You don’t need to attend a Gym or a class to be active. You can walk, swim, jog, do yoga, dance or put on a free aerobic session video on Youtube. Don’t complicate it for yourself, you don’t need anything fancy to be active, keep it simple. 

Explore your options
Another key step to achieve your goal and stick to exercising every single day is to plan for it in advance. Make a list of all the activities you are able to do for 30 minutes. If you have access to a gym, write that down. If you can walk at the beach, in a park, around the block, all those count. At a very least, follow a fitness session on Youtube. 

There are some Fitness Tips including how to workout at home on Dubai Fitness Challenge Website:

Write down all the excuses 
Our mind plays games with us when we try to set a new positive habit. 1000 different excuses will come to you, be mindful of them and write them down. You will catch yourself saying that after a long day you deserve to just chill…. Your business needs you NOW … You don’t have time to exercise! …. You don’t have the equipment to exercise! … and many many others! Don’t listen to them, just write them down and be very aware of the conversation happening in your head! 

Plan Ahead
From the list of activity options in step 2, plan your week ahead of time. Identify WHERE and WHEN you will do each activity. Pencil it in your calendar every week. For instance, write Jog at 6 am on Sunday around the block. This is a key step since it will be difficult to choose an activity when your day is over and you are tired already. You need to know the time and location of your activity at least one day in advance. 

The first couple of days might be difficult but I promise you that you will get used to the great feeling that comes after a good workout. That feeling is kind of addictive, in a good way!! You feel better about yourself, about the world around you and you get placed in the Power position in your life…. 

Physical strength is the foundation of our pillar of energy, don’t take it for granted and invest in your wellbeing by joining the challenge and setting new habits for yourself. 

Let me know if you are joining the challenge and I would love to hear your recommendations… 

As always, I will come live on Facebook on Thursday, October 19th at 3 pm GST/UAE to talk more about this topic and to answer your questions. Follow me on Facebook and I will see you live soon!
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