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October 28th 2017
The world I envision for my sons by empowering women
I was at Women in Leadership Economic Forum last week for two days and I was really inspired by all the conversations that took place around women’s empowerment and women in leadership initiatives. 

During one of the break out groups, we were discussing whether introducing a quota to help increase the number of women in the C-Suite and executive levels is the right move. I will tell you my own opinion on implementing a quota later in this article, but one of the brave men stood up and mentioned that his male colleagues are freaking out since they are going to lose their jobs and organizations are now “forced” to employ more women to reach their target. 

I realized that a lot of conversations are still around “Us” vs “Them”, “Women” against “Men”, and all the women’s empowerment initiatives are seen as a way to defeat men and take control. I am an active advocate of women’s empowerment and I strongly believe that we need more women in decision making roles to make the world a better place. But I never support any initiatives to dis-empower men, I always mention that I have two Boys at home and I don’t want a world in which my sons will have to fight for their rights. 

Let me tell you the world I envision by empowering women. I can write a book about this topic; I will do my best to keep is as short as possible and I will write more about it in future articles. 

Giving rights to women and having them involved in executive levels is not a favor to women, it’s a favor to humanity. We are living in a world that is completely out of balance. There has been a lot research studying human behavior and our traits. There is a difference between Feminine and Masculine values and traits, exactly like our right and left brain. Generally, women are stronger when it comes to feminine traits such as Intuition, Collaboration, Empathy, Patience, Vision, Creativity and Men are usually stronger in Masculine traits such as Logic, Action, Analysis, Assertiveness, Determination and more. Each individual, regardless of their gender, needs to have their feminine and masculine traits in balance otherwise they won’t have harmony. 

Our world today lacks the feminine attributes of collaboration, inclusion, empathy, thinking about “Us” rather than “Me” all the time. These attributes are needed at our homes, schools, organizations and countries. Strong men always empower women, not to do them a favor but because they believe that having more women involved brings untapped potential to their workplace and organizations. 

I am personally against introducing a quota to have more women involved. I believe in equal opportunity and equal pay for the same skill and expertise. I believe that men should also be given the choice, the same way we let women choose, whether they want to stay at home with their kids or go to work. And we should give women the choice to select their priorities and live a life which doesn’t chain them to different stereotypes, social and cultural limitations. All of us as human beings are entitled to the freedom of choice. 

I also believe in the Abundance mentality. I don’t think that the opportunities in this world are limited. I believe that we create opportunities every second of our lives. There is no limit to our potential. Women create jobs, for women as well as men. Women raise our future leaders and next generation. Women are integral part of the society. 

I want to make it clear that Women’s Empowerment is not about excluding men from our lives. On the contrary, Women’s Empowerment is all about inclusion. We don’t compete with each other but we complement each other. I believe that we all have unique attributes in this world and when we focus on our strength, we can achieve anything in life. 

I envision a world in which men and women work hand in hand to create a better future and world for our children. 

I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. What does Women’s Empowerment mean to you? 

As always, I will come live on Facebook on Thursday, November 2nd at 3 pm GST/UAE to talk more about this topic and to answer your questions. Follow me on Facebook and I will see you live soon!
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