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December 1st 2017
5 Steps to tap into your Spiritual Energy to live a more Fulfilled Life
Spirituality is a broad topic with many perspectives. I had a conversation with an old friend last week and we mainly talked about spirituality. It made me realize that we all have a different point of view and vastly different pictures in our mind about this topic. 

I regularly talk about Spiritual Energy as one of the layers in our Pyramid of Energy, along with Physical, Emotional and Mental Energy. Before talking about the 5 steps to tap into our spiritual energy to live a more fulfilled life, let’s take a step back and define “Spirituality". 

I did a quick google search on Spirituality and this is the first answer that came up: 

“the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

"the shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality in a more profound way.”

Spirituality, to me, is about being connected with something bigger than ourselves. It’s being aligned with the universe and not against it. I was listening to one of the spiritual leaders, Eckhart Tolle this week, and he mentioned something interesting: Imagine you go to a forest, and you feel that you are one with it, instead of thinking, hmmm, how can I cut all of these trees and make money out of them. That’s the simple definition of spirituality, to give more focus to our higher self than to our ego. 

Our ego loves its identity, titles, separation between people, who is better than whom, I am richer, more intelligent, more educated, cooler than you .. look at me … our ego Loves social media and all the likes … we all have an ego, the important thing is to be aware of it and not let it control our lives. 

Spirituality means that we are driven by a motivation and passion to do good in our life and lives of others, to help, to unite, to care. 

Our ego is also consumed by fear and worry and our higher self is more faithful. Spirituality means being able to live in the present moment, free of the shame and the guilt of the past and worries of the future. 

Spirituality is not about which group we join or what we chant, it’s about having inner-peace and living a life of purpose. Now let’s talk about 5 steps to tap into your spiritual energy to live a more fulfilled life: 

1) Live in the Now: One of the most important steps of spirituality is experiencing each moment as is, without being overwhelmed by thoughts, fears and worries. Pay attention to every action that you take, even ordinary ones like washing your hands, talking to your kids and cooking. 

2) Quiet your Mind: This might not come easy and naturally in the era of distractions. We all have million things on our mind, but imagine a computer with many tabs open, it slows down… We need to quiet our mind to speed up in life. We however quiet our mind in two ways, one is by shutting it down in front of the TV or by exploring social media. In this case we go below our mind; we disengage though by drowning in this stimuli. The other method is through meditation and practicing presence at any given moment, in this case, we rise above the constant chatter of our mind. This is an infinitely better way of quieting our mind.

3) Meditate: There are many studies that show the importance of meditation on our mental health. Deepak Chopra says that you need to meditate for 20 minutes per day, unless you are too busy, then you have to meditate for an hour!! Meditation helps us to slow down and be more productive. You can start by finding your favorite guided meditation on Youtube. 

These are some of my favourites: 

Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle 

And if you are looking for some meditation music:

Deva Premal Gayatri Mantra 

Remember, Even if you don’t sit down to meditate for 15 - 20 minutes, you can turn every moment into a meditation by living a conscious life. 
4) Be Grateful: We all have a long list of things to be grateful for and this is a very important step to not take for granted. A simple practice is to list 3 - 5 things that you are grateful for everyday and that includes little things in life, like a nice family dinner, conversation with your kids, meeting a friend or a good cup of coffee. 

5) Find Your Life Mission: This step is a whole world on to itself - explored in many many books, discussions and centuries of research. Why are we here? I am sure that our existence is beyond eating, working, checking our social media and sleeping. I choose to follow the universal laws of Peace, Joy, Love, Helping others, Adding value to their lives and keeping my integrity and honesty. Why? Because it gives me inner peace and inner fulfillment and this is my guide. If something keeps me up at night, or brings worries to my life, it’s not natural to my existence. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed or sad that you haven't found your life mission. Start by bringing peace to your life and loving the people around you. If all of us do this one thing alone, our world will be at a much better place. The next step would be helping others without expecting anything back. I don’t know why and how, but I know that our true happiness lies in helping others and making a difference in their lives. Sometimes it’s just a phone call, a visit to a friend, $10 donation or a complement to a stranger… We all can do one of these everyday.

Every change starts from within, tap into that space. Remove distractions from your life and focus on getting to know yourself better. We are not here to find ourselves but to create ourselves. Create a version that makes you proud everyday and invite inner-fulfilment to your life. 
I’m looking forward to talking to you live on Thursday, December 7th at 3 pm GST/UAE. Join my page and I will see you soon! 

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